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Shens Hospital

Shens Hospital has been providing splendid healthcare for the people in their diverse medical requirements.

Over the past years until today, our astute leadership and strong management has evolved as a centre of excellence providing the highest quality standards for providing the best medical treatment to the entire society. We deliver our flawlessly combined revolutionary technology with the best medical expertise and advanced procedures.





Our Specialities

Gynecology Specialist in Chennai

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Women’s health is a vital component because right from puberty to pregnancy and right from childbirth to menopause, women undergo a lot of health issues that have to be addressed on a timely basis.

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Diabetic Foot Care Centre in Chennai

Diabetic Foot Care Centre

Shens Hospital is one of the best Diabetic Foot Care centres in Chennai. As per the estimate made by the WHO, India has dubious distinction to be the world leader in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus where amputation is also a dreaded complication of diabetes.

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Best-Day-Care-Surgery-Centre-in-Chennai-No1-Day-Care-Hospital-in-Chennai-3 (1)

Day Care Surgery

We at Shens Hospitals are committed to serve the society providing seamless access to most of the advanced procedures of providing patient-centric care and (Day Care Surgery) surgical services.

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general surgery

General Surgery

General surgery is actually a surgical specialty where the surgeons are accountable for patient care before, during, and after surgery.

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Preventive Cardiology

The lifestyle has changed in recent years, which results in an unprecedented epidemic of heart disease. We at Shen Hospitals take preventive measures which involve public education, healthcare planning, lifestyle changes, and facilities to handle the immediate consequences of heart disease which has become the need of the day.

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Our Facilities

We are committed to serve humanity at every needful hour with our dedicated team of experts and state-of-the-art facilities

Shens Hospital Ward Facilities

Out patient Ward

We provide treatments by clearly examining and handling our patients before they are being admitted in the hospital

shens hospital

In patient Ward

We are specialised in orthopaedics, obstetrics, paediatrics, surgical and non-surgical procedures with our experienced surgeons, trained nurses and qualified technical staffs

Shens Hospital echo Facilities


We handle all types of cardiac diseases and disorders for medical imagining by diagnosing, treating, managing, and make follow-ups to provide step-by-step solutions for recovery.

shens hospital


We provide laboratory tests with our profoundly qualified lab technicians to provide consistent and quality reports which are guaranteed with our confirmed accomplices.

Shens Hospital echo Facilities


We use it as standard equipment for painless tests, non-invasive procedures and to give rapid results with accuracy to diagnose multiple heart conditions

shens hospital


We provide comprehensive care in treating trauma or cardiac states with our dedicated staff, and specialists of critical care who are committed to serve in-hospital coverage 24 hours per day.

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shens speciality Doctors

Wellness and Prevention

Our highest goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimal state of health, no matter where you are in life.

Chronic Conditions

Sooner or later, nearly all of us develop at least one chronic medical condition that may change our lives profoundly.

Everyday Care

When you’re sick, you shouldn’t have to wait a week to see a doctor — and urgent care is an expensive and time-consuming solution.

Children and Family

For all the parents who’ve missed an entire day of work to make it to the pediatrician.


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For more than 10 years, he has served the community in improving the health of teeth and gums as the beginning of physical health


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