Best Ortho Doctors in Chennai

Best Ortho Doctors in Chennai 1
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Ortho doctors are also termed orthopaedic surgeons or orthopaedic doctors. They treat the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons (tissue connecting the bones and joints), and nerves which together form the musculoskeletal system. The treatment is prone to all age groups depending on the type of injury but it is very essential to choose the best ortho doctors in Chennai.

At Shens Hospitals, we have well-experienced ortho doctors to give you the best treatment. 

Best Ortho Doctors in Chennai

A patient can feel more comfortable if they are given painless treatment and get a speedy recovery. Some of the best ortho doctors in Chennai at Shens are listed below:

Dr. Kanniraj

Dr. Kanniraj Marimuthu is one of the best Ortho doctors in Chennai who is specialized in treating disorders or injuries related to hip, knee, shoulder, etc, He is also an expert to treat sports injuries, joint replacement, and arthroscopic keyhole surgery as he is specialized in handling those treatments.

His substantial experience with many successful testimonials has assisted patients of all age groups besides sports persons as he provides comprehensive care to enhance the function of the diseased or injured part and make the patient lead a normal life. Moreover, he also makes sure to treat the patients with a lesser chance of infection by his sophisticated techniques.

Best Ortho Doctors in Chennai 1

Dr. L. Bharath

Dr. L. Bharath is a certified and the best knee replacement surgeon in Chennai who is currently associated with VS Hospitals. He has decades of substantial experience in handling knee replacement surgery in Chennai for multiple patients with successful testimonies enhancing his credit.

His expertise in fast-track recovery have vitally assisted patients despite all age groups as his comprehensive treatments with state-of-the-art technology has improved their function or disorder to restore back to their normal lifestyle.

He has performed more than 8000 surgeries in his medical career which makes him the pioneer in knee replacement surgeries. He makes sure the patients have a painless and speedy recovery, lesser chance of infection and quick rehabilitation making them feel more comfortable after the treatment..

Dr. Lenin

Dr. Lenin is one of the best knee replacement surgeon in Chennai who is associated with a super speciality Dr. Lenin’s OrthoInde boutique hospital. He has more than 2 decades of experience in performing more than 20,000 arthroscopic and joint knee replacements successfully. His main objective is to provide affordable and accessible orthopaedic treatment to everyone.

BMoreover, his holistic approach in providing treatments for knee and shoulder problems by adopting minimally invasive techniques has created success rates of sheer surgeries. He also explains the patients the need for performing the treatment with a mission to make the patient feel more confident and leave with happy faces after easing their pain with a comprehensive treatment.

Prof. Dr. S. Sundar

Prof. Dr. S. Sundar is the Medical Director at VS Group of Hospitals and is popularly known as the best knee replacement surgeon in Chennai. He has an extended year of experience and is specialised in knee, shoulder and hip surgery in Chennai. 

He dedicates himself in using state-of-the-art treatments with emphasized modalities to provide the best results in fracture fixation, joint replacements and arthroscopic surgeries for sports injuries, etc. 

Moreover, he is much appreciated for providing extensive treatments which has helped a greater number of patients for rapid recovery. He ensures that the patients have to experience a lesser chance of infection from the comprehensive surgical treatments and makes them feel highly comfortable with quick rehabilitation to help them to return back to their normal lifestyle.

Dr. Raj Kumar

Dr. Raj Kumar is well-known as the best Ortho doctors in Chennai. His vast experience in the medical field as an Orthopaedist has made him an expert in handling various joint or knee injuries and disorders. He not only treats the patients with his modern advancements for the appropriate treatment but also makes the patients understand the issues they are facing and how to overcome them in a polite manner.

Additionally, he builds trust and confidence in the patients who undergo a complicated surgical procedure by offering extensive treatments in a friendly approach.

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