Best Paediatric Treatment

Best paediatric treatment

Our best Paediatric Treatment and services

The Paediatric Department at the Shens Hospital at Chennai provides a broad range of paediatric Treatment and services and facilities to meet the exceptional needs of new-borns, infants, kids, and adolescents with excellent child-centric care.

We have trained, dedicated and accredited Consultant Paediatricians to provide family-centred, child-friendly clinical care support with an outstanding laboratory and diagnostic imaging facilities using cutting edge technology. Shens Hospitals implements and operates to the supreme standards of infection control and hygiene to provide a safe ambience for patients as they can understand the broad perspective of the children or enfants.

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Our range of Paediatric Treatment and services: 


We strongly believe that every baby’s life is valuable, and understand that our specialized care has a significant impact that lasts forever. Our compassionate care for babies starts before they are born with parental discussions prenatally when needed. You can trust our neonatology team for your infant’s comprehensive care.

Neonatologists at the Neonatology Unit of Shens Hospital are well-equipped with the technological advancements, and together with their proficient expertise they provide all the required intensive care (paediatric treatment) for your baby, should the need arise instantaneously in the hospital.

Paediatric endocrinology

Paediatric endocrinology treats the disorders of the endocrine glands in children. These comprise variations in physical and sexual development of a child, diabetes, and other hormonal conditions. Here, you will find a reputable paediatric endocrinologist for your child.

Hormones play a vital role in development and growth, regulating sugar, metabolizing food and performing other normal bodily functions. Discrepancies in the endocrine glands, or in hormone production should be treated with care else it can cause irregularities leading to endocrine disorders in the body.

best Paediatric Treatment and services in Chennai

Paediatric gastroenterology

Paediatric gastroenterology deals with the management of disorders of the childhood digestive system that includes the oesophagus, stomach, small and large bowel along with the supporting organs, liver and pancreas. At Shens Hospital, the paediatric gastroenterology division are expertise in managing the full range of paediatric gastroenterological and nutritional problems with standard Paediatric treatments. 

Our team consists of well-trained paediatric gastroenterologist, paediatric surgeons, paediatric anaesthetist, gastro and endoscopy nurse, dieticians, speech, and language therapist, psychologist, radiologist, and pathologist to provide comprehensive care.

Paediatric haematology and oncology

Shens Hospital provides world-class patient care for patients under the age of 18. A reputable paediatric oncologist will attend the patient to provide a personalized care. Adequate care is provided using the state-of-the-art methods and technology in the field of medicine. This Department effectively utilizes the innovative technology and expertise of other departments in the hospital, like the cardiopulmonary department, the medical imaging departments, etc.

Paediatric neurology 

The paediatric neurology and neurodevelopmental department at the Shens Hospital provides empirical and multidisciplinary assessment in the management of children with neurological and neurodevelopmental problems with a holistic approach. A thorough and extensive clinical assessment is supported by smart neuro diagnostics, including blood tests, lumbar puncture, MRI, and EEG to ensure proper paediatric treatment is done.

Paediatric orthopaedics 

Paediatric orthopaedics deals with the evaluation and management of the health conditions of a paediatric population, from new-born babies to teenagers that include chronic, or congenital conditions affecting bones and muscles, developmental deformities, musculoskeletal anomalies, neuromuscular conditions, etc We provide a prosperous and child-welcoming environment to offer your child the highest benevolent care to heal quickly and completely.

We believe that spontaneous and appropriate orthopaedic care can help children prevent minor, or major injuries and disorders later in life such as fractures, sprains, strains, and dislocation of joints to emphasize early diagnosis and paediatric treatment for a good effect with a non-surgical care or a conservative approach.

Paediatric rehabilitation

Children with neuromuscular disorders may require a competent multidisciplinary team to keep a close watch on their development and progress as they grow. After the initial injury or diagnosis, the children, and their families are left with the challenges as the children’s bodies, and their physiologies keep changing over time.

Our commitment is to provide utmost outstanding care, customized treatments, and educate the patients or parents to ensure that the child thrives to achieve the highest level of possibility for their individual ability.

best Paediatric Treatment and services in Chennai

Paediatric surgery and urology

Paediatric surgery and urology department at Shens Hospital is specialized in the structure, function, and development of children’s kidneys and urinary tracts. Our surgeons and medical staff are highly trained as they offer individualized, and paediatric oriented care to children. We are driven by world-class technology to offer an accurate diagnosis, precise Paediatric treatment options, and contribute a compassionate and relaxed setting for children to lead a healthier life.

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