Best General Surgeon in Chennai

Best General Surgeon in Chennai
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General Surgery is concerned with a central core and an inclusive knowledge of anatomy, metabolism, wound healing, immunology, physiology, pathology, nutrition, neoplasia, shock and resuscitation, and intensive care.

It extensively concentrates on different systems and organs including parts of the abdomen like stomach, oesophagus, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, appendix, gallbladder, and bile ducts based on surgery.

We have a team of the best general surgeon in Chennai who provide advanced surgical care to the patients. They are trained in treating diseases and injuries that occur in the head, neck, abdomen, vascular system, system, burn trauma and deal with several other conditions of the body with years of practice in the field.

Moreover, it concentrates on the thyroid gland and diseases that involve in the skin, soft tissue, etc where the best general surgeon in Chennai carries out the endoscopic procedures aiming to provide preoperative, operative, and postoperative care for a very broad range of diseases, conditions, and emergency procedures.

Responsibilities of a general surgeon in Chennai

A general surgeon in Chennai has plenty of roles to play in the surgical process, initiating from the diagnosis of a specific condition to providing postoperative care. 


Diagnosing is examining the medical history and records of the patients who seek treatment from the best general surgeon in Chennai. They thoroughly consider the medical conditions, infections, and allergies of the patient and plan with the best and most apt procedure for their treatment.

Best General Surgeon in Chennai

Preoperative care

Preoperative care is the care given to the patients before the surgery. The role of a general surgeon in Chennai is to help with the preoperative stage that encompasses’ surgical site preparation such as sterilization, hair removal, and examining different screening tests that include the ECG’s, X-rays, ultrasonography, etc.

Operative care

Operative care is the care given to the patients during the surgery. The major role of a general surgery hospital in Chennai should focus on the operative stage which includes carrying out the actual surgical procedure using invasive or non-invasive techniques.

Postoperative care

Postoperative care is the care given to the patients following the surgery. This may comprise of prescribing medication to monitor parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, wound healing, prevent pain and infections, and check for any postoperative complications by coordinating follow-ups with the patient. The general surgery hospital in Chennai may also include some counseling with the surgeons after the surgery.

The best 5 General Surgeons in Chennai

The general surgery hospital in Chennai has talented general surgeons who skillfully perform the procedures for better treatment.

Dr. R. A. Jeyabaul

Dr. R. A. Jeyabaul is a renowned general surgeon in Chennai who is currently working in Shens Hospital. He has vast experience in handling services like aneurysms, laparoscopic cholecystectomies, etc. His excellent and quality service is much appreciated as he offers comprehensive treatments with a touch of extra care.

Besides that, he possesses certain knowledge of not only the organisms but also understands the behavioral quirks of the patients by effectively communicating with them and making them feel secure.

Dr. P. K. Sivaraja

Dr. P. K. Sivaraja is currently associated with the Shens Hospitals as the best general surgeon in Chennai. He is skilled to offer sophisticated treatments especially in treating gastrointestinal disorders with innovative advancements.

He is an expert in treating his patients with personalized care using modern medical equipment and techniques in the medical field. Later on, he counsels the patients and provides medications based on the health conditions of the patients.

Dr. Uma Krishnaswamy

Dr. Uma Krishnaswamy is the best female general surgeon in Chennai working in Apollo Hospitals. She specializes in handling the patients affected with breast cancers with vast experience in the field. She offers exhaustive care to her patients to ensure that they get treated well. Also, she has participated in various orations, and panel discussions in India as well as abroad.

Dr. Dhakshayini

Dr. Dhakshayini is the popular female general surgeon in Chennai who is now working in Fortis Malar Hospitals, a general surgery hospital in Chennai. She uses state-of-the-art methods to carry out various surgical procedures and ensure the best treatment is for all her patients. Some of the comprehensive services provided by her are gall bladder stone treatment, VASER liposuction, pile treatment, etc.

Dr. U. H. V. Prasad 

Dr. U. H. V. Prasad is working for Vijaya Hospitals and also owns a well-equipped clinic with all the modern equipment. Being a specialized general surgeon in Chennai, he offers a number of medical services of operative interventions with his proficient skills and knowledge. Each case is reviewed scrupulously by him to determine the necessity of preoperative care with the expected results.

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