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Diabetic Foot Care Centre

Shens – Diabetic Foot Care Centre in Chennai

Shens Hospital is one of the best Diabetic Foot Care centre in Chennai. As per the estimate made by the WHO, India has dubious distinction to be the world leader in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus where amputation is also a dreaded complication of diabetes. Almost 50% of the patients affected with diabetic foot is likely to be in the age group between 35 to 45 years.

The survey states that every 30 seconds someone or the other located anywhere across the globe is losing a limb because of diabetes and more than 85% of diabetic foot amputations can be prevented with proper care and management.

Objective of the Centre

The main goal of a diabetic foot centre is to provide optimal diagnosis and excellent treatment as it plays a major role in improving diabetic foot services by providing specialized curative care for complex cases.

At Shen Hospitals, we have a highly specialized centre that is best equipped with advancements to provide aids in the clinical, pre-clinical research, and development guidelines.

Our Diabetic Foot Care Team Comprises:

  1. Diabetologist
  2. Orthopaedic Surgeon
  3. General Surgeon
  4. Plastic Surgeon
  5. Health educator
  6. Dietician
  7. Dedicated, qualified, and well-trained staffs

Our specialized services

  • We provide a smooth and flexible treatment for all kinds of foot problems
  • We screen the patients with diabetic neuropathy at the earliest and treat accordingly
  • We examine the foot and detect all sorts of foot problems such as corns, callus, athlete’s foot, nail problems, small & large wounds, etc.
  • We provide preventive care with an emphasis to educate the patients regarding foot care, footwear, and trauma care.
  • We treat all types of ulcers, infections or disorders by using hydrotherapy and ultrasonic debridement by routine usage of negative suction wound care therapy systems for domiciliary management of difficult to heal diabetic foot ulcers.
  • We prevent the diabetic foot ulcers and treat amputations in a local setting
  • We organise workshops, training courses or local meetings in diabetic foot care
  • We educate the patients reading the foot care
  • We participate and present international meetings
  • We offer training opportunities and conduct clinical research
  • We receive visitors from various countries, and treats them with utmost care
  • We participate in the development of guidelines
  • We help in screening possibilities of foot involvement
  • We create prevention and treatment programmes in collaborations with other specialized centres.
  • We have a surgical management team to treat all the complications related to the diabetic foot
  • We have an expert access and manage to save the limbs which are severely affected and provide painless treatments for speedy recovery
diabetic foot care in chennai

Diabetic Foot Care Centre Hi – Tech equipments

Vascular Doppler

Vascular Doppler detects the blood flow disorders caused in arteries and veins. Blood flow reduction is a major reason for diabetic ischemic ulcer. By adopting the vascular procedures, the patients’ risks are identified and wounds are healed. 


Biothesiometer help in identifying the loss of sensation. Patients who have diabetic peripheral neuropathy are immune to sensations that don’t allow the person to feel the pain in their limbs and can be a precursor for diabetic foot ulcers.   


Ansiscope is a precursor to detect and prevent autonomic neuropathy with complications like rhythm abnormalities in the heart, diarrhoea, and constipation including the loss of sweat in foot and heel fissures to overcome these in the future. 


Podoscan is an instrument to detect the abnormal pressure points in the foot where it can prevent the foot ulcer at the earliest. 


Monofilaments detect the loss of protective touch sensation in different parts of the feet where the initial level of diabetic peripheral neuropathy is assessed to deal with precautions in the future.  


Pedinova is modern equipment that safeguards and treats diabetic foot care patients with painless podiatric care.

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