Shens Hospital is one of  Best Pediatric & Adult Vaccination Centre in Chennai. Vaccines plays a major role in contributing to form a line of defence and provides significant reduction for childhood infectious diseases that include measles, mumps, rubella, typhoid, pertussis, diphtheria, and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib). We at Shen Hospitals prevent infectious diseases among the babies, children, adolescents, and adults by providing proper vaccination with utmost care.

Reasons to get vaccinated include:

  • Vaccination protects the children, and adults from harmful infectious diseases which may be fatal or cause some physical disability.
  • If you are not immunized the chances are high for you to get infected with a disease as the diseases easily spread to family members with low immunity or for those who have not vaccinated
  • The vaccination costs are less compared to the cost of the medical care which is very much needed to cure any infectious disease. So, prevention would be always better than cure.

What do we do?

Vaccination is a significant procedure to protect us from harmful diseases. At Shen Hospitals we offer affordable nursing and expert services, the varied vaccines list available with us is as mentioned here:

Hepatitis B Vaccination

It is a three shot series vaccine to protect us against hepatitis B virus that can lead to liver cancer, cirrhosis, and consequent death. Hepatitis B is more infectious than HIV, and once you are infected then, there is no particular treatment available for this disease as whatever medication your intake does not work effectively on everyone. So, it is advisory to get one self, and their loved one’s immunized to protect from this infectious disease.

H1N1 Vaccination

This protects the people from various infections which are caused by the contagious disease, influenza virus, and it is better to be protected against this disease once you are infected. Although the virus is curable and it is not administered to people who are under 18 years of age or allergic to eggs and gelatine.

Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Cervical Cancer Vaccination is also known as HPV vaccination that protects women from the human papillomavirus and a sexually transmitted infection. The cervical cancer is curable, but it does kill thousands of women. The survival rate depends on early detection, and the stage of the cancer.

Typhoid Vaccination

Typhoid vaccination protects people from ‘Salmonella Typhi’ which is a deadly virus that leads to the highly infectious disease Typhoid that can cause fatigue, high fever, weakness, headache, stomach pains, loss of appetite and rash.

Pneumonia Vaccination

Pneumonia or Pneumococcal vaccination protects against the bacteria named, ‘Streptococcus pneumonia’ bacterium, and it leads to pneumonia, sepsis, and meningitis. All children who are younger than 2 years of age should mandatorily get 4 doses of the Pneumonia Conjugate (PC13) vaccine. Also, it is recommended for adults up to 64 years of age as it can be lethal for both kids and adults.

Chicken Pox Vaccination

Chickenpox is caused by varicella zoster virus. The rashes of the skin include the small, itchy blisters with a mild fever or headache are its symptoms and chickenpox can always be cured but there are always exceptions as the disease can be a lethal in babies, pregnant women, and adolescents with weakened immune system

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