What is Paediatrics?

Children need to be handled, nurtured and treated with utmost care compared to the older population. The need for sensitive and delicate handling is obvious in all spheres of life, especially in the hospital environment. Every child needs a unique set of medicines and care according to age, height, weight, and surface area due to a unique genetic, cultural background and growth environment.

We at Shen Hospitals, offer the best professional advice for your baby’s healthy growth and development. We also provide nutrition counselling for infants and toddlers, explaining the new parents in detail when, why, what and how to start solids, etc. Furthermore, we treat the children with the necessary medical guidance to recover from the physical and emotional disorders considering the well-being of the children.

24-hour Paediatric Emergency

Paediatric Emergency Services are available within the hospital premises under specialised care. Senior Paediatric consultants with years of expertise and experience are also available for any further assistance in the case of emergencies. 

24 Hour Paediatric ICU

Certain treatments need resuscitation and stabilization to handle emergencies in providing a good Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) support. We are well-equipped with PICU that include post-transplant care, central vascular access and ventilator support.

24-hour New-born care

New-born care with our state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to treat all kinds of neonatal issues are confidently handled. We have fruitfully handled extremely premature and underweight children. 

We provide consultations during the morning besides evening hours. Also, we possess a paediatric nephrology unit with dialysis facilities for both the children, and adults

Ped Audiology

Patients who need audiology at discharge due to antibiotics or prolonged oxygen are evaluated by audiometry or audiology scanning under care of the senior consultants.

Paediatric Surgery

We are highly capable of dealing with all kinds of paediatrics surgery issues at all times by highly qualified experts in performing the paediatric surgery. Post-surgical ICU care with the PICU consultants ensures a smooth and complete recovery for the patients.

Paediatric ICU

We are fully equipped in providing PICU care with our professionals of Anaesthesia and PICU consultants to ensure the best possible care and treatment for cases needing PICU care including the post-transplantation medical treatments.

Paediatric Emergency Care

24-hours of emergency care is available with our doctors, surgeons and highly trained team of nurses to handle and manage the paediatric life-threatening emergency cases in providing the finest treatments for the best chance of intact survival.

Paediatric Nephrology

Under extensive care the department of paediatric nephrology provides dialysis and renal transplant facilities at Shen Hospitals with complete preoperative and post-operative care for renal failures and end-stage renal diseases.

Paediatric Liver & Kidney Transplant

Our transplant team provides the best treatments in paediatric liver & kidney transplantation by taking comprehensive care of patients, and also provides post-operative expertise for monitoring the patients in short and long-term periods.

Neonatal ICU & Nursery

We adapt state-of-the-art NICU in handling extremely low birth weight and premature babies. Surfactant therapy and ventilator support is provided under supervision of senior paediatric consultants for the best results. 

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

We handle patients with the open and closed heart surgeries under experienced paediatric cardiac surgery team along with our surgeons, anaesthetists and PICU teams. We look forward to paediatric cardiac surgeries.

Sick Patient Transport

Children and neonates who need super-specialty care in other centres of medical excellence with a proper ambulance equipped with incubator and ventilator facilities under direct supervision of senior doctors and paediatric nurses. A proper system of endorsement on handing over for maintaining safe transport and patient record is strictly followed.


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