Surgical Oncologist in Chennai

Surgical Oncologist in Chennai
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The Department of Surgical Oncology provides advanced surgical treatment for cancer patients in order to foster cancer research and education.

The main objective of a surgical oncologist in Chennai is to provide the most comprehensive, progressive surgical treatments for patients with cancer and to be updated in cancer or similar diseases. Surgical oncology is routinely performed for gastric, pancreatic, colon, rectum, and esophageal cancers.

Best Surgical Oncologists in Chennai

Surgical oncologists in Chennai usually have a close working relationship with the radiation therapy and medical oncology departments to re-emphasize the role of the surgeon in clinical trials for treating patients affected with cancer. Some of the best surgical oncologist in Chennai include

Dr. Manikandan

Dr. Manikandan is associated with Shens Hospitals as the leading Surgical Oncologist in Chennai. He specializes in handling thousands of critical cases with cutting-edge advancements to treat patients with dedication and compassion. He also gives the patients a detailed explanation in case they require certain clarifications on the treatment plan or procedures. 

He updates himself with the newest advancements and latest healthcare technologies in the department of surgical oncology to ensure his patients get comprehensive care by accolading his academic intelligence. His service makes the patient comfortable and gains confidence.

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Dr. N. Kathiresan

Dr. N. Kathiresan is the best Surgical Oncologist in Chennai from Apollo Speciality Hospitals. He treats all kinds of cancers or development diseases with his modern treatments. He can be easily approachable for emergency cases as he is specialized in handling surgical procedures without any delay.

He along with her staff handles the patients with a comfortable approach in being polite to answer their queries regarding the surgical procedures promptly. He is also well appreciated for his service towards devotion, commitment, and excellence.

Dr. Saravanan Periasami

Dr. Saravanan Periasamy is an expert Surgical Oncologist in Chennai working at VS Hospitals currently having vast years of experience in this field. He has conducted numerous cancer surgeries by dealing with a broad range of surgical advancements in providing extensive treatment to cancer patients.

He keeps enhancing his skills by getting to understand the patients from the journals or previous records of the patients to ensure he provides the best treatment. Moreover, his standalone treatment with innovative techniques has made him create more successful testimonies.

Dr. P. Dhanashekar

Dr. P. Dhanashekar from Vijaya Hospital is a renowned Surgical Oncologist in Chennai who is avid to learn the advanced methods of surgical oncology with a sole mission to extend unique care to all cancer patients. His detailed explanation regarding the nature of the disease makes him friendly with his patients as he is compassionate towards them. He provides treatments starting from the initial stage to all other severe types of cancer.

His approach with standard treatment and individualized care is far beyond rather than just handling the cancer patients for a temporary stay at the hospital. 

Dr. R. Balaji

Dr.R. Balaji is a Surgical Oncologist in Chennai at MGM Healthcare. He has tremendous years of solid experience to treat all types of cancer-affected patients using the sophisticated techniques of science and technology in the medical field of surgical oncology by handling his patients with dedication and care to make them gain a speedy recovery.

Besides that, he consults the patients after the treatment to check if they are feeling better or if there is a need to provide certain medications depending on the condition of the patients. This is highly appreciable among the patients known from the testimonies given by them.  

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