Tips for normal delivery

Tips for normal delivery
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Most pregnant women wish for natural childbirth. It is very natural for 85% of women who are capable, whereas 15% of women undergo C-section instead of natural childbirth because of fear of labor pain and unnecessary anxiety. This makes certain women to look for tips for normal delivery as it can be easier for recovery after a healthy post-delivery.

Tips for normal delivery

If a pregnant woman considers vaginal birth very important, then she can increase the chance by following these tips for normal delivery.

Reduce stress 

A pregnant woman should be able to overcome stress as it can lead to preterm birth and low birthweight. If she handles it by staying healthy, there is always a better outcome during labor and childbirth. Trying to keep away from negative vibes creates discomfort and considering meditation or yoga can relax the mind, gaining more positivity to avoid stress entirely.

Maintain a healthy diet

Having a proper diet is one among the essential tips for normal delivery as it is not only vital for the body but also for a healthy growth and development of the unborn baby. A stronger body can face labor challenges smoothly. Eating a lot of green and colourful vegetables which are rich in iron, antioxidants, vitamins and folate acid has to be on priority especially during pregnancy as it can prevent post-delivery anemia. 

Tips for normal delivery

Exercise regularly

Exercise is important for an overall health but doing it throughout pregnancy can do wonders for getting a normal delivery. Firstly, it increases stamina that strengthens you during labor and childbirth. Moving during pregnancy like taking a walk, playing golf, dancing and performing Kegel exercises can also keep the baby in the right position which is one of the essential tips for normal delivery as it can strengthen the pelvic region and keep the thighs stronger.

Get adequate sleep

Women who have sleep disorders suffer during labor and childbirth. Reading a book, taking a warm bath or crocheting can help you have a good sleep. Getting a good sleep is one of the significant tips for normal delivery as it helps in keeping the women calm and ensures the healthy growth of the baby. It is better to think positively and not to stress too much over the kind of delivery.

Stay hydrated

Consuming water is amongst the most essential tips for normal delivery. Having 8-12 glasses of water each day is recommended for pregnant ladies. Limit the caffeine intake and avoid strenuous exercise and overheating because these can cause you to lose more water through excess sweating. In case, if a pregnant woman sweats more, drinking more water would be highly beneficial.

Educate about childbirth

Read books about labor and birthing. Taking a childbirth class can make pregnant women get confident as other women input their experience and provide tips for normal delivery. Besides that, consult a doctor and get to know more about normal delivery to overcome myths. Research also shows that women who have prenatal childbirth education classes tend to have more chances of having a normal delivery without C-section compared to others who haven’t educated themselves.

Talk to your healthcare team

Make sure that your healthcare provider knows more about “normal” delivery and provides more healthy tips for normal delivery. It is more likely that if a pregnant woman and the doctor work together to find the solutions that fit your needs, they can get more views on “normal” birthing, and women also check their rates of “normal” birthing to c-sections which creates a positive mindset on childbirth.

Preparing for your delivery

Your pregnancy should be a moment to cherish and awe as you await the birthing of your bundle of joy. Taking care of yourself through the phases of pregnancy will help you during labor and normal delivery, no matter which route you take. Follow our doctor’s directions with the state-of-the-art facilities along with the above tips for normal delivery to maintain both your health and your baby’s health.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Before taking measures to care for your new baby, it is most vital to take care of yourself and your unborn child. There’s a lot of tips for a healthy pregnancy to be followed because your health has to be maintained before, during, and after pregnancy which involves so many different aspects of your life. So, we’ve compiled a quick list of pregnancy care tips first 3 months for you to stay healthy.

9 Tips for a healthy pregnancy

We have listed these essential tips which suits you and your baby to have a great start to life:

Getting an early prenatal care

Acquiring early parental care is one of the foremost tips for a healthy pregnancy. If you are planning to begin a family, or have just found out that you are expecting, a good prenatal care is most essential as pregnancy care tips first 3 months during your first visit with your doctor where they will be able to confirm your pregnancy besides screening for certain medical conditions that might lead to complications.

Listening to your body

The pregnancy care tips first 3 months should make you listen to your body as the first and third trimester come with fatigue. If you have bodily changes, don’t panic, take it easy. So, listen to your body and rest for a while if you are feeling tired.

Taking prenatal vitamins

Always consult your doctor regarding the prenatal vitamins which is best for you and your baby, particularly check for the intake of folic acid and calcium which you’ll need as they play an important role in vision, bone, and brain development. Prenatal vitamins are one of the important tips for a healthy pregnancy because it gives the essential number of vitamins and nutrients that your baby needs like calcium, iron, and DHA. 

Eliminating certain liquid intake

It’s important to take good care of your body by following the pregnancy care tips first 3 months during pregnancy. We recommend you to limit your caffeine intake, avoid alcohol, and steer clear of non-prescription drugs throughout your pregnancy. Alcohol intake can adversely affect your baby’s brain or spinal development. Too much caffeine has a higher chance of miscarriage, and non-prescription drugs lead to birth defects or behavioural problems.

Limiting your exposure

You have to take these tips for a healthy pregnancy seriously because chemicals or other substances are known to cause birth defects. You ought to protect your baby even while choosing non-toxic household cleaning solutions throughout your pregnancy by limiting your risk of exposure.

Wearing sunscreen

Your skin will be more susceptible to chloasma and sunburn during pregnancy. While considering the pregnancy care tips first 3 months, it is important to apply a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher and avoid tanning beds.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Checking with your dentist

There will be hormonal shifts during pregnancy which can increase the risk of gingivitis. Increased oestrogen and progesterone levels can interact with the bacteria in plaque, leading to tender, swollen, or bleeding gums. So, it is very significant to check with your dentist as this is also one of the vital tips for a healthy pregnancy.

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