Best Paediatricians in Chennai

Best Paediatricians in Chennai
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Paediatricians play a key role in providing medical care to infants, children and adolescents starting from minor illnesses or vaccinations. We can visit them frequently as they help in the developmental milestones to make our children lead healthy life.

Listed below are the best paediatricians in Chennai

Every child needs a unique set of medicines and care according to age, that’s what Paediatrics is all about.

Best Paediatricians in Chennai

Listed below are the best paediatricians in Chennai who can be assured to get the best medical treatment.

Dr. Sathish Kumar S.K

Dr. Sathish Kumar S.K is the best paediatrician in Chennai who holds more than 15 years of experience as a paediatric and neonatal surgeon with a good reputation.

His humane and lovable approach makes him the best physician in handling and treating patients with comprehensive care making his treatments quite impressive. You can approach him through video consultations as he doesn’t recommend antibiotics unless other required.

Dr. V.V Varadharanjan

Dr. Varadarajan is a leading paediatrician in Chennai who has vast experience in the field of paediatrics. He analyses the psychology of the children and provides compassionate care and proper medications with extra care of suggesting mild dosages to make sure the children get a better treatment to restore to normal life. 

Best Paediatricians in Chennai

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Dr. Benny Benjamin

  • Dr. B. Benjamin has experience of 44 years as the best paediatrician in Chennai. He cares for his patients right from evaluating the growth & development, deals with skin diseases, vaccination, Immunization, especially for the newborns. His patients say he is unique in providing a detailed explanation in treating the children by accolading his academic intelligence.
  • Available Time Mon – Sat 09:00 AM – 11:30 AM | 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Dr. R. Dhanasekhar Kesavalu

Dr. Dhanasekhar is an amazing paediatrician having 17 years of experience in the paediatric field. He is also working as a consultant in some hospitals and healthcare centres. His dedication towards his patients by researching the children’s records make the patient gain confidence to provide the best treatment in visiting him often.

Dr. G. Prabhakaran

Dr. G. Prabhakaran is the best paediatrician in Chennai who treats injuries in children, conducts health check-ups, and treats all kinds of infectious or development diseases with his advanced treatments. He is easily approachable when there is any case of emergencies as he is specialized in handling surgical procedures without any delay.

Dr. Priya Chandrasekar

Dr. Priya Chandrasekar is a renowned paediatrician to the children as she cares for them with motherly care for immunization or vaccination and other treatments. She along with her staff handle the patients with a caring gesture in being polite to answer their queries promptly. She is also well appreciated for her service towards devotion and commitment.

Dr. Radha Rajagopalan

Dr. Radha Rajagopalan is the best paediatrician in Chennai who can be approached anytime as he is highly recommended for his comprehensive care towards babies, infants, children and adolescents. He used advanced treatments to develop his knowledge and also to make them user-friendly with babies, children and adolescents.

Dr. Satheesh Chithapuram

Dr. Satheesh Chithapuram is a renowned paediatrician in Chennai with experience of over 32 years in the medical field. He is available for consultations where you can seek instant advice to get proper treatment here right from minor to major injuries including neonatal and personalized services. 

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Dr. Latha Viswanathan

Dr. Latha Viswanathan is among the best paediatricians in Chennai who considers the children in providing standard treatment with her unique techniques making them feel at home. The parents who require guidance and clarifications about their children can casually visit her as she holds a friendly gesture.

Dr. Deepa Elizabeth Mathew

Dr. Deepa Elizabeth Mathew is a well-recognised and leading paediatrician in Chennai to renders wonderful service to babies, infants, toddlers, children and adolescents to make sure their need is met in each and every possible way as she adopts medical treatments which provide a speedy recovery.

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